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Announcing the programme for the 2015 Szeged Open-Air Festival

 After an absence of ten years, a Verdi opera will again be performed at the Szeged Open-Air Festival, joined by the first Shakespearean work in more than a decade. The directors held a press conference today to discuss the programme for the coming summer, with ticket sales commencing on the same day. 

2014. 09. 29.


The programme for the 2016 Szeged Open-air Festival is set!

The Flying Dutchman, Dracula's Last Dance, Me and my Little Brother, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, Singin' in the Rain, Comedy of Errors: these are the productions that the Szeged Open-air Festival has in store for 2016. For the festival's 85th anniversary next summer, some of the bigest hits from recent years will again be staged on Cathedral Square, joined by three new productions. Tickets sales have begun, with no rise in ticket prices.

2015. 09. 21.


Porgy and Bess and the Phantom of the Opera at the Szeged Open-Air Festival

Three productions out of two: this is how the program of the Szeged Open-Air Festival was transformed, as it was told at a press conference held by the new management today. The Kung-Fu Legend dance show was replaced by a real opera rarity: Gershwin’s composition, Porgy and Bess is arriving from the United States. The Verdi-Wagner Gala was relocated into the repertoire of the Gift Concert, with Ilona Tokody and Mária Temesi in the leading roles. The audience can enjoy the musical-concert version of The Phantom of the Opera as a guest performance of the Madách Theatre. 

2013. 04. 19.


Les Misérables

2016. 05. 02.


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Don Juan


07. | 19., 20., 21.

Weill - Brecht

The Threepenny Opera

brecht - musical

08. | 02., 03., 04.

Kocsák - ifj. Harangozó

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

fairy-tale ballet

08. | 16., 17., 18., 19.